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The beggar

On the usual spot at the corner
He's a living stopsign for the crowd
So despised and so broken
but he still makes me proud
As he plays on his old violin
It sends out calm sends out peace
String resonate like nerve
keeper of the hidden tears

Stands like a rock in the middle o' river
Facing with the mainstream
The sound that drips from his finger
causes my soul to shiver
As he plays on his old violin...

For some he's a beggar
For some a clown
'cause no one sees he has a crown

With nickels in his open case
He plays for those who'd already passed away
He still has some gold to offer
Breadcrumbs made out o' silver


A sarok hol nap mint nap látod
Élő stoptábla a tömegnek
Bár megtört és megvetett
Pusztába kiáltó szó hangja

Hangszere vállát nyomja 
A béke ébred fel rajta
A húr mint ideg rezzen
lelki a zene sodrása 

Mint egy kő a folyómederben
Ujjai mozdulnak csupán
Áll a sodrással szemben
Átüt a szív ritmusán

Sokaknak egy bohóc csupán ,de
nap ragyog koldus koronáján

Néhány érme nyílt tokjában
Sötét ruhát ölt
Aranyat ér minden dal
sebzett szívet össze ölt

    Never in vain

It felt like an electric shock
My heartbeat has doubled
I couldn't let it go as I handled
Spark returned back to my eye
Eager to breath again
My hands were numb to feel any pain
Like thousand bees that filled my head
Noise of the buzz
Like soldiers at war it made such a fuss

Sober addiction
Way out of prison
And it's never the same
it's never in vain

Keep that volume high 'till I'll die
Heard the same from the thunder
I'll decide to leave when you enter

Down in the valley

I've got nothing to say ,'cause there's so much in silence
everyone will leave the well
when it's out of water
Plant a tree on my grave when I'll leave this world
leaves will change in season
to my soul's redemption

Down in the valley
The river stopped to flow
Down in the valley
I lay bellow

I am still here today, but tomorrow I'm gone
As the lightning before the storm
dew at the sun

Lennt a völgyben

Nincs mit mondanom hisz a csend oly sokat rejt
Mikor a kút kiszárad
lakatlan lesz a kert  
Ültess egy fát a síromra
Mikor e világ nincs többé
Virágot hoz majd tavaszra
gyümölcse a  léleké  

Lennt a völgyben
A folyó a naphoz tért
Lennt a völgyben
mindenki eggyért

Ma még itt vagyok talán
De a holnap már máshol ér
Mint a villám a vihar napján
harmat ha jön a dél....

Second chance

Turn the wheel and take that bend
The goal is still far away
Sparks to ignite oil for pump
headlight for a day

I need plus I need minus
To generate power
All the distance grows near
sooner or later

Engine roars breaths through pipe
the air turns to grey
Fill up the tank and turn the key
let's roll down on our way

'cause all we need is a second chance
All we need is a second chance
to start all over again

Második esély

Négy kerék ,króm és acél
Az út vége még oly messze
Tonnás szív, olaj mint vér
A fény lobog előtte

Kell plussz és kell minusz
elektroda ér
Az út hívta életre
és ő érte él

A motor lélegzik s indul
benzin gyomrában ég el
teli tank, kulcs elfordul
A hívó szóra felel

Egy második esély


I've changed my heart to a stone
I dwell in the earth bellow
I've lost my veins in the depth
All through my summer I wept

Grey is the cloud above my head
In the arms of the rain
I'm ready to melt

The muddy water pulls me under
muddy water  takes me home

I saw my whole world has drowned
I pray for the ones around
Who'll plant a seed on my place?
Who'll seal the earth's fate?


I know I fall with every deeds
I know I'm wrong with every words
Just save what can be saved
Just fix what can be fixed
I promise I'll do my best
Don't worry about the rest

So forgive me if you can
before I'' go wrong again
That's how I was made
That's just my shape
full of mistakes

I know what I own
It's just nothing
But it feels so good
so uplifting

Wait on
(Dnyanodaya indian poet)

To talk with God
No breath is lost on

To walk with God
no sterngth is lost ..walk on

To wait on God
No time is lost ..wait on

The cost

You're about to buy the rights
And always do as you please
As every knee is bending I'm just wonderin'
Who's gonna pay the cost ?

You lock the wealth in the box
To keep that which was stolen
but those inner 'walls' are shakin'
and I' m just wonderin'
Is the fear that you trust?

You say you wanna be alone
but you'll never be    
will your conscience ever set you free?
I'd like to see

Will you take on the heavy load?
Will you walk the selfish road?
And as your back is breakin'
I am just wonderin'
Does it really worth the cost?

I see you're still talkin'
But I couldn't hear a word
one by one we're all leaving
And I'm just wonderin'
Has your soul already lost?   



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